Our dog training philosophy consists of Positive Reinforcement Reward Based training which makes the experience fun and effective for you and your pet.  First step to training your dog is to build a long lasting and trustworthy relationship.

The thing about dogs is they are VERY self-serving.  By that I mean they do what they want to do and don’t do what they don’t want to do.  Sound familiar?  Our goal is to build a lifelong trust relationship between you and your dog.  Most of the time this trust doesn’t come easy because of your dog’s natural tendency to be very selfish.  We have the skills to build this relationship without forcing our dogs to like us.


Positive Reinforcement
Companion Dog Training

Group Classes, Evaluations,  CGC Certification, Private Consultations, & 1-on-1 in Home Visits


Puppy Playschool - Puppy Socialization and Playtime
(10weeks-16weeks) $8 / Session
Kinderbarken - Sit, Down, Stay, Recall, Loose Leash Walking, Drop it, Leave it
(3 months-1 year) $100
Dogementry - Adding Distraction, Distance, & Duration Basic Commands
(1 year+) $100
Canine College - Proofing Commands to achieve Canine Good Citizens
(Dogementry Required) $100
Agility 101 - Basic Jumping and Weaving Skills and Introduction to Obstacles
(18 months+) $10 / Session
Tricks or Treats – Fun with Tricks and Teaching Difficult Tasks
$15 / Session

Private Sessions Available by appointment
 ~1st session -$55 , $45 each session after
 ~$195 for 5 sessions

Each Class is 1 hour for 5 weeks on the same day and time of each week.

Puppy Playschool Agility and Tricks or Treats is a continual class that can be joined at any time.

 UPCOMING Class Start Dates:  

Kinderbarken : SATURDAYS January 7th at 11am

Dogementry: SATURDAYS January 7th at 10am

Online scheduling