All Dogs that receive DOGeDAY services (grooming, training, daycare, and boarding) are required to provide a copy of current vaccinations, including Bordetella , Parvo, Distemper, Parainfluenza, and Rabies, prior to the scheduled service date. The Owner must provide a WRITTEN copy (dog tags will NOT be accepted) of the current vaccinations and understands that if proof is not provided prior the service date DOGeDAY, INC reserves the right to refuse service.

This is in place to provide safety and protection to your loving pets. Thank you!

Nightly Rates

1 Dog- $29
2 Dogs (same Kennel) - $49
3 Dogs (same Kennel) - $69

Extended Stays

31+ days

1 dog - $27
2 Dogs (same Kennel) - $46
3 Dogs (same Kennel) - $64

 Late Pickup after 12PM

Dog - $14


1 Dog -                         $20 All DAY (8 hours)
                                   $3/ Hour


ALL boarded dogs will get the same luxury treatment! 


~ No spill water and food dish fed on daily schedule

~ Raised cot and blanket to sleep

~ Play time in fenced yard and indoor play area

~ DOGeLOUNGE access!

~ Love and attention 16 hours a day!!!

~ 24-7 surveillance cameras

~ Treats, Treats, Treats!!!!!